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this year i will :
1. Join Arashi's Official Fansclub
2. Going to their concert

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What a movie with our five bakas on it..
It obviously entertained me..
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Just saw their video on
It makes me want to go to Japan again right away.. But i don't think it will be easy even though i had money and still have my leave work permit,,because my mom never allow me to go travelling abroad alone..

So i guess i have to find someone to be my travel companion,,or should i get a husband soon? Hehehe..

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Okay,,so after been waiting,,for i don't know how long,,Johnny's announced that Arashi Blast Hawaii DVD is going to release on 15 Apr 2014..
Somehow i knew that they're going to announce it today,,and that's why i've been watching twitter for the whole time since last night..

But although i've prepared for this,,as you know that every time they release something it's like a battle royal or hunger games for us,,the Arashi sixth member.. I still get a difficulty to process my order on CDJapan.. It took almost 45 minutes to complete my order..

Now,,we just have to wait the DVD to arrive at my house..

Well what a crazy days..
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I can't believe i just found out this blog..

We have been on a same boat that we both Arashi and CNBlue,,even though me being Arashi’s fan only for these past 5-6 years and start to got my eyes on CNBlue last year.. They have a different vibrant that's why they can’t replace each other and each of them gave a perfect balance for my music taste..

Normally,,i prefer japanese music better than korean.. But CNBlue is one of the only two Korean musician that got my attention (with Tohoshinki being the other one).. Maybe because both of them had a japanese release,,and that’s the one that made me love them in a first place..

I can't wait to look forward to both of their next activity then.. :)
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How could you not love this man?
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Hai hajimemashite..
I'm meenie moo.. This is my first post after being in LJ for nearly 5 years.. The main reason i join LJ is because of 5 bakas who stir up the world Arashi..
And now here i am 5 years later,,still loves them and try to write on my account so i could get to subbing communities and always get updates about them..

So gals,,yoroshiku onegaishimasu..


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